Top Shop 2012 Tournament Report

Hey everyone! It’s good to be back from Hong Kong!

Yesterday was Singapore’s Top Shop Championships 2012 and many members of HLG were participating, albeit representing different shops. I was representing SG CardMart and here’s my tournament report for the last major event of 2012:

P.S: I was forced to post this cause Lamby was lazy to post and busy talking to HK girls.

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 12.36.24 PM

Deck used: Mermail Atlantean

Tournament Format: Swiss of 5 Rounds, Cut to Top 8

Round 1: VS Keith (Infernity)



Game 1: He started the game with a Grepher, which mindblowed me for about 5 seconds cause i was under the impression that he was playing Mermails. Anyways, he discarded Necromancer to throw Archfiend into the grave and played Zero Max. One play and another led to a field of Lavalval Chain + Void Orge + Necromancer + 3 backrow. Needless to say, i couldn’t push through and just died lol.

Game 2: I opened with a subpar hand to his poor hand. Slowly poked with Marksman and gained advantage through it. Forgot a few details but i dropped Megalo and was able to force my way through.

Game 3: He opened with a set monster and 2 backrows. Was initially scared of Soul Drain, but i just YOLO-ed and dropped Megalo ,discarding 2 Marksman to blow his Street Patrol and some useless backrow. I was able to eventually control the game by summoning multiple Undines to destroy his monsters and backrow.

Round 2: VS Shi Jie (Skill Drain Rabbit)



Game 1: He started by summoning Sabersaurus and setting 2. Opened godly with Storm, Megalo, Diva, Infantry, Linde and something insignificant. Cleared his backrow, dropped Megalo and proceeded to OTK.

Game 2: He opened with a Barbaros and set backrow. I MST-ed the backrow and summoned Undine, dropping Infantry and clearing the Barbaros. He kept setting and pass, while my Undine and Linde slowly poked through. After drawing a Saber and beating my Undine, i drew into Diva and Storm + Diva for game.

Round 3: VS Samuel (HERO)



Game 1: Pardon me for my bad memory, but i really forgot what happened lol.

Game 2: Lost alot of advantage to his Spark and backrows. In despo-ness, i Diva + Infantry + Marksman into Black Rose, blowing up his field of 5 cards, including his Shining which took back Stratos + Alius. Luckily for me, my last in hand card was Moulin 😀 Summoned it and dropped his Stratos and Alius and attacked. He drew and set a monster and a m/t. I drew into Abysspike and just summoned and rammed for game.

Round 4: VS Calvin (Verz/Evilswarm)



Game 1: Ophion too stronk. True story. Oh, and Pandemic Contagion too.

Game 2: Was able to capitalize on him having no monsters to beat him down

Game 3: What’s stronger than Ophion? Well, 2 Ophion is definitely stronger…

Round 5: VS Xiaomei (Dark World)



Game 1: Game went back and forth, with her Reckless-ing 2 times. But i was able to clear her board and pushed for game before i lost lol.

Game 2: She farmed ALOT through Gates and Reckless. I think she had like +5 over me or something.

Game 3: Forgot early game, but the final turn was her Grapha + Skill Drain + Gates and 1 backrow VS my 3 hand. I Dark-Holed and Reborn-ed her Grapha, summoned Diva and punched for 3200, just nice for game.

Swiss Record: 4-1 (Proceed to Top 8)

Top 8: VS Stark (Destiny Arrive HERO)



Game 1: I opened with Undine and 1 backrow. He then just vomited out Lavalval Chain + Blade Armor + Excalibur and killed me 😦

Game 2: He failed to OTK me, so i fought back, making Big Eye taking his 4k Excalibur and summoning Dragoon to attack, but failed to kill him as he used Call of the Haunted to bring back Stratos to survive. But i won in the end as he couldn’t clear my monsters.

Game 3: He opened with a set Soul Drain and ended. My hand was Storm, Megalo, Dragoon, Spike, Marksman and 1 insignificant card. Stormed and OTKed him.

Top 4: VS Samuel (HERO)



Game 1: He made Shock Ruler + Shining to control the board. I died so badly..

Game 2: Opened with 2 Controllers… Was able to stall awhile with my 2 Dimensional Prisons but he eventually controlled the board and my Tragoedia died horribly to Super Polymerization.

Results: 3rd/4th!

Thoughts after the Tournament 

I could honestly say that i was super excited for this tournament, mainly because the 31 other people in this competition are essentially some of Singapore’s best players. Experienced many awesome matches, such as the ones with Keith, Stark and Calvin.Also had alot of escalating stuff occurring outside of matches like Daniel traumatizing someone, jokes and lots of laughter. Jokes aside, it was also really good to see friends like Wesley and Johann topping this event too.

Although i was entering this tournament with the thought of being a Back-to-Back Top Shop Champ, but hey at least i got the playmat 😀 I’ll try again next year then. Big shoutout to Mike, which was with us throughout the whole morning and through the entire tournament. The Trap Stun literally won me 2 matches, props to you bro!

A great end to 2012 indeed.

That’s all for the report, signing off!


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