Paris Locals : A fruitful day spent

Whats up viewers , so after spending the past 3 days shopping at Paris , I finally found the time to visit 2 card shops which were recommended to me by Anoname in this post .


Sad to say , I did not bring my deck along so no local duels for me nor card trading.


The first shop I visited is called : Cassioplay 


Address :

9 Boulevard Saint Marcel ( The station to stop at is called Saint Marcel and it is on line 5 )

75013 Paris



The shop’s webpage can be found here !



The shop’s entrance. The shop is actually pretty big and they too sell other game related stuff such as figurines other than card games.



Merchandise the shop sells plus some other binders that I forgot to snap a picture of 😦 , lots of good stuff in their albums if you are a fan of TCG cards. There are a mix of English and French cards with the French cards priced a bit more expensive than the English ones. I bought a couple of cards from the binder where were generally more cheap than Ebay and from overseas trades.

WP_000228 WP_000229

Paris duelists having their casual duel.



Mermail deck in action.



The various stuff the shop sells.


The shop owner understands English so it was cool , after mentioning Dueling Days to him , it suddenly became easier to talk to him about OCG related stuff . After buying what I needed , I exchanged this blog’s address with his store’s website address and left the shop to visit another shop .

I hopped on the train and soon arrived at the next store.


Shop Name : Le Repaire Du Dragon ( Lair of the Dragon )

Address :

44 Boulevard de Magenta ( Station to stop at is Jacques Bonsergent on Line 5 too )

75010 Paris



The shop is slightly smaller than the Cassioplay , the local players are very friendly and luckily they too understand English thus buying cards was much easier.




So in all , going to the Paris card shops was very memorable and an eye opening experience to me. The players in Paris look generally rich to me because all I see in their decks are 1st edition foil staples and top tier decks with their cards all being max rarity. GG? They look very competitive to me as they are using all the meta decks and no random yellow skin/jimmy decks , the kids there were using the latest Moulingracia mat and WCQ sleeves compared to the locals at Hong Kong : Konami game center .


So that’s the end of this post. Do look forward to Sazabi’s Mermail Atlantean deck profile that he will be posting up this Friday. Thanks for reading !


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