Fish’s Eye: New Threats

Hello readers!

So this is the first strategy post which i’m making, so pardon the improper use of words and retard-ness every now and then. I was actually suppose to do a deck profile for my Mermails but i figured i didn’t want to disclose the decklist since i will be using it for awhile. Besides, all the decks now look the same anyways…

Anyways, for those of you who have been paying close attention to the Japanese meta, you would know that there has been many new decks surfacing, topping many tournaments and regularly played by many players. So in this post, i will be discussing about these new decks and the difficulty in facing them for me (Most of you should know that I’m a Mermail player currently).

1. Fire Fist


Fire Fists is one of the latest archetypes that has debuted in the OCG through the latest booster set , Cosmo Blazar. They are able to farm advantage easily through battling with their Monsters and making use of their Fire Dance Spells and Traps to get over monsters that are bigger than them. Overall, they are a very battle-oriented deck and ease of access to Rank 4’s currently. Best of all, they are not at their full strength yet, that is until VJump Edition 8 is released.

I have to admit that i have little to no exposure playing against this deck, as i have only ever played against it once in a locals (which i lost). What i feel is that Mermails should not play a prolonged round against Fire Fists, as the favor leans towards Fire Fists as the game goes on. Currently, Fire Fists do not have explosiveness to end game easily, as they need to slowly farm and outadvantage their opponents to get the game. However, Mermails are small in nature (except Megalo of course) so most of the time i’ll find myself losing my monsters through battle. This is especially true when your Undine/Abysspike can eaten by some wild Guaiba and Tenki + Bear.

Things i can do (Not restricted to Mermails) includes:

  • Saving your MSTs: Their monster count is very little. So you would want to save your MSTs to destroy their Tenki so they cant search out their monsters. This is especially true for decks with less backrow.
  • End the Game Fast: As said earlier, a prolonged game with Fire Fists isn’t good. Hence if you’re playing a rush deck, don’t hesitate to rush them early game. If you’re stopped by Veiler or Maxx C then #goodluckhavefun, cause that’s yugioh lol. Fire Fists have little backrow, majority being Fire Dance Tenken (or maybe the other Fire Dance trap), so all you need to worry about is the hand traps.
  • Destroy their monsters out of battle: Very difficult to beat Fire Fist monsters by battle if they are fat from farming. For my case, Infantry, Undine and Megalo will be key to winning Fire Fists, and the usual Diva stunts.

2. Verz/Evilswarm


Evilswarm gained popularity after the release of Evilswarm Cecyron in Duelist Set: Dark Returner. Besides the point of Ophion being too stronk,  Evilswarm is a very irritating deck, able to switch between control and rush with relative ease (although the rush isn’t as big as decks like Mermails/Hieratics). Ophion itself makes decks such as Agents, Chaos Dragons and to a certain extent Mermails look obscene. Not only that, they have some of the better Level 4 beatsticks in the game (Heliotrope, Thunderbird) and a AOE Lance which is sooo gayyyy (Pandemic Infestation). Best of all, it is so easy for them to open into Ophion, whether is it through Castor + random Evilswarm or Rescue Rabbit. Hence, the ideal situation of Ophion + multiple backrows is easily achieved.

Things i can do includes:

  • KILL DAT OPHION: Yeah it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Ophion literally locks up the best cards in my deck (Megalo, Diva to a certain extend). But what you can do is to make use of Undine and Linde/Pike to try and get rid of it by pairing them up with Infantry.
  • End the Game Fast: This is way harder compared to Fire Fist, as typical Evilswarm decks have millions of back row. Once they get their Ophion out, not only can they farm for Evilswarm spells/traps, but also lock you down. Best situation will be to leverage on them having no monsters to control the board with your monsters. Just watch out for stuff like Torrential and Mirror Force.
  • Shut down their backrow: This is easier when going into Game 2 and 3, when you can side in stuff to counter their backrow like Dust Tornado, Trap Stun or even Decree. I would recommend Dust Tornado as majority of Evilswarm decks side in Dimensional Fissure against graveyard reliant decks, so you still can get rid of it with Tornado, unlike the other options. However, it’s really up to personal preference.

3. Fire King


Debuting in Structure Deck 24: Assault of the Flaming King, Fire Kings is also a relatively new archetype that has seen success in tournaments in Japan. The emphasis is on destroying your own monsters to gain advantage through searching and mass destruction of your opponents field. This is made easy through their support cards such as Assault of the Fire Kings and Fire King Fire Cycle. Beyond the structure deck itself, the archetype will also be receiving support from VJump Edition 8 in the form of Fire King Beast Yaksha and Wolfberk, which are good support cards for the deck.

Things i can do includes:

  • Don’t over-commit to the field: When facing this deck, it’s wise to not commit too much to the field, cause simple things such as Assault into Garunix or Sacred Phoenix can potentially clear your field.
  • RFG is good: Stuff like Dimensional Prison, Bottomless are very good to counter this deck.
  • Destroy their monsters in battle: This is the opposite of Fire Fists, as it is better to destroy Fire King monsters through battle, as destroying them through effects will only trigger their own effects and it’s abit wasted. Alternatively, you can make use of removal traps like Bottomless or Dimensional Prison to counter their monsters.

That’s all for this short post. Isn’t really much, but hope all readers enjoyed reading this post lol. Especially to TCG players, as even though these decks aren’t out in your country yet, but soon enough you might have to face them when they are released and all the hype is on.

Soo…. hope everyone liked this post and stay tuned for more posts from our fellow bloggers!


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