Impact on Asia: Gold Series 2013

Hey everyone!

This post is actually intended to be a follow-up on Johann’s previous post on his box of Gold Series 2013. But since Asia Championships 2013 is only a little more than a month away, i thought it would be nice to start a series of articles talking about the multitude of new sets and promos that has been released recently that will definitely affect the meta which we will see at the Championships itself (aside from the banlist, cause who gives a damm about that right :D)

So this first article will be discussing the contents of Gold Series 2013 and its impact on the decks we will be seeing in Asia Championships 2013. Let’s get down right to it.


The most notable benefits of this set will definitely be:

1) Legalized Natural Beast for Asia Format

2) Legalized Lavalval Chain for Asia Format

3) Ease of Access to Effect Veiler

Let’s start off with Lavalval Chain. Overseas readers might not know, but for our national events in Asia, DT03 and onward cards are not legal for use in official tournaments. However, with the release of Lavalval Chain in Gold Series 2013, it is now legal for use in official tournaments. Right off the hat i can think of various decks that benefit from this legalization, such as:

Chaos Dragon (and its Ninja variant)




This is especially true for Ninja Chaos Dragon, which i feel still has a lot of potential in this coming format as the wave of Evilswarm is pretty much dying down right now due to stuff such as Fire Fists and Mermails having Armor Kappa. Another notable mention would be Infernity, which i like for its ability to vomit out many Xyz and Synchros while controlling their board presence at the same time through Infernity Break and Infernity Barrier. So watch out for these guys during the upcoming official tournaments!

Next up is Naturia Beast. This card was at its primes during the Synchro Cat era, but died down during recent years. However, with this card’s legality in our official tournaments, some relatively familiar decks have been boosted drastically, such as:


Six Samurai

Best mention here will be Karakuris, as they can easily dish out multiple Bureidos and this guy to gain control of the board, together with free draws.

Lastly, Gold Series 2013 allows players to have ease of access to Effect Veiler, which i feel is much more useful over Maxx C in this format and the upcoming one in March. Hence, i’m sure that experienced and new players alike will be getting multiple copies of this to prepare themselves for both locals and official tournaments. So better think carefully before doing your divine performances 😀

That’s all for this short post everyone! Be sure to check back next week where i will be talking about other new releases and more! Hope this article helped, and stay tune!


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