[Decklist] YGOvedose Dueling Network Tournament 4

Here are the decklists ~

Lambyseries :

Deck : Arrive Hero

Final score : 5-2 , 10th in swiss


Sazabi :

Deck : Arrive Hero

Final score : 4-3


Sad to say , both LambySeries and Sazabi did not manage to squeeze into the top 8 with a record of 5-2 and 4-3 respectively. The different time zone factor and a different meta from the OCG played a huge role in this tournament as to why they did not perform as well as they normally do.

Nonetheless , it was an eye opening experience to the both of them and to us as it has served as good preparation and what to be in store for our future YCS trip soon since this tournament was using the March 2013 forbidden and restriction list.

This Sunday will be the annual Singapore Asia Qualifiers and we , HLG are all getting ourselves into the mood and finalizing our deck lists for that event as we all want to be crowned champion and gain the privilege to represent Singapore for the Asia Championship 2013 held at Thailand this year.

So expect a  “Singapore Asia Qualifier’s what to expect during this tournament ” post this week and a prep talk by LambySeries on the morning of the qualifiers itself.

Till then and thanks for reading.


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