ACQ Singapore 2013 3rd Place Report and Event Breakdown

As some of you might have already known, the Asia Championship Qualifiers are now in fullswing beginning with Phillipines, and just yesterday, Singapore. I managed a pretty decent 3rd place, though as a whole I strongly believed I could have won the whole thing. My deck of choice was Incarnate Dragons, with the decklist being available for your viewing pleasure in the previous post. Before I move on with some explanations, here are my matchups in running order:

Round 1: Fire Fists Rank 4 – OXO

Round 2: Six Samurai – OO

Round 3: Hero Arrive – OXO

Round 4: Prophecy – OO

Round 5: Six Samurai – OO

Round 6: Incarnate Dragons – Did not play out as were both ensured a top

Top 16: Fire Fists Rank 3 – OO

Top 8: Prophecy – OO

Top 4: Incarnate Dragons – XX

3rd/4th: Fire Fists Rank 4 – XOO

As you can see, I was able to breeze through most of the rounds with relative ease. The sheer monstrosity of the deck was a very major and unexpected factor for most of my opponents. I had tested extensively with the deck and finalized on a variant whereby it had a win condition (in LADD), as well as being overal very consistent. I was able to do what I wanted to do, at almost any point in the day even when met with some oppression. My route did not bring me into contact with any Verz decks which are definitely this deck’s worst matchup, however it would be good to note that a fellow Incarnate Dragon compatriot of mine had to duel 3 of them in swiss and managed to deciminate them all. The deck itself is very resilient to almost anything, and can counter side rather easily against the many forms of hatred that would be sided against it. Another fun fact; there were 5 Incarnate Dragons in the entire event, of which 4 made the top 16 cut, and 3 made the top 4 cut.

The following is a top 16 deck breakdown, courtesy of Yugioh Edition Singapore

4 Incarnate Dragons

4 Prophecy

2 Verz

2 Fire Fist(one of each 3 and 4 variants)

1 Destiny Hero Arrive

1 Six Samurai

1 Geargia Karakuri

1 Junk Doppel

In my opinion, this top cut was extremely diverse and just goes to cement a point I made at the start of the format whereby it would be one which is very interesting.

In conclusion of this short review, I would just like to say that it feels great to be able to add more accolades to HLG’s roster, with William and Johann also topping the event. Also, in my next post I will be doing some explanations of how and why I used certain cards in the Incarnate Dragon deck which I pilotted. Lastly, in about 2 weeks time, the Malaysia ACQ would be held and some of our Singaporean members would be heading down to give our support and provide coverage of the event.

Hope to be seeing you all real soon




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